Super Greens+

Super Greens+

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You often hope that skin care products you put on your skin will do the magic trick for you. The solution for beautiful skin often lies in a combination of, among other things, skin care, the right lifestyle, stress management And..



SUPER GREENS+ is such a supplement that has many benefits for your skin when used consistently. It is used as a multivitamin, detox product, has a positive effect on your hormone balance, can work against stress and protects the cells of your skin and your collagen.

With a little imagination, this extra vegetable shot has a light licorice taste, so you can easily take it as an extra supplement after breakfast.

100% Vegan: Free from gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and shellfish. Free from preservatives and fillers.

Content: 300 grams / 30 doses.


Mix a scoop through your smoothie, water, lemonade, dessert or cold soups or cold dishes. If necessary, use a shake baker to mix it well.

An antioxidant complex with many extras. Protects our cells and our collagen. Super Greens+ supports the gut through probiotic strains (positive gut bacteria).

Content: 300 grams / 30 doses.



Can serve as an extra vegetable shot.
Can have a beneficial effect on: hormone balance, mood swings, lack of energy, stress, intestinal problems, digestive problems, fat burning, vegetarians, slimming, respiratory problems, sun allergy, detox, immune boost and menopausal complaints.


This dietary supplement is not suitable for children under 10 years of age. Do not use during pregnancy (wish) or lactation. Consult a medical expert before use in case of illness or use of medication.

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